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This podcast enlists the help of top-experts on the quest for mental strength, physical well-being, and a general balance within ourselves and with other people. Listen as famous brain researchers, skilled psychotherapists and experienced coaches share their most useful tips and tricks, topped off by a glimpse into the wisdom of athletic and musical Peak-Performers who reveal their strategies and secrets.
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The burdens of the self have never been heavier…

Esther Perel

Therapist, author, speaker and creator of the groundbreaking podcast 'Where Should We Begin',

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Unleash the Power within – Tony Robbins

Unleash the Power within – Tony Robbins

What happens at "Unleash the Power within"? UPW is an event that took place on the final days in April 2017. It is all about discovering your own power and inner strength. This is a report of these intense and crazy four days that I experienced together with my wife....

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Matthias Wittfoth, PhD

Matthias Wittfoth, PhD

Why not put my passion for new and fascinating topics to work to make them accessible to many others?…I thought to myself and started to talk with people who really have a story to tell.

I am currently a full-time psychotherapist and Peak-Performance coach for athletes and musicians.

I change people with the Wim Hof Method to become happier, healthier and stronger.

Previous activities include a Psychology Master in Bremen, Heidelberg and at the Max-Planck-Institute for Cognitive Neurosciences in Leipzig, PhD at the Neuropsychological Institute in Bremen (functional MRI), Head of the “Auditory Neurophysiology” research group at Hannover Medical School’s Clinic of Neurology, Co-Applicant of the Cluster of Excellence “Hearing4All” (total funding: € 28M), and leader of the “Pedophilia” Research Network Neuroimaging Unit.


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