Voter Choice as a competition between policy and identity

Libby Jenke is a doctoral candidate in political science at Duke University. She is a member of Scott Huettel’s neuroscience laboratory in Duke’s Psychology and Neuroscience department.

Her article “Issues or Identity? Cognitive Foundations of Voter Choice” in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences that was published in 2016 discusses the problem of understanding the choices voters are making. By explaining the already existing theoretical models and their shortcomings, she also suggests a new one that is more comprised of new directions of research in both political science and cognitive science.

We talked on the day of the US election 2016 which makes this interview even more interesting, particularly if you have in mind what has happened since then.

How do you make choices as a voter? Are these choices purely rational?


Libby Jenke – Homepage

Issues or Identity? Cognitive Foundations of Voter Choice

published in Trends of Cognitive Sciences (2016)

Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government (Princeton Studies in Political Behavior)